Beautiful Beta Beginnings,INC

About Us

Beautiful Beta Beginnings, Inc. , a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community-based organization, is currently advancing its programming in the Indianapolis, In communities. It was specifically created to bring awareness to the lasting effects of  abuse and to create a resource for survivors to heal. We focus on 3 main subjects: Veterans, abused and our youth of tomorrow. We strive to give them a second chance at life through our program.

Meet Our Staff

Chief Executive_    

     Miss Shaunella Lee                       

Chief Operating Officer _

 Mr. Steven Yobbe


Mrs. LaTesha Level


Mr. Lacey Boyd


This multi entity organization is the brain child of Shaunella Lee- Brownie, (a current member of our Armed Services), as a viable means of helping individuals and families in our communities succeed in life, while creating healthy habits for better community involvement. It offers first and foremost, a broad range of support to ensure participants enjoy an experience that can change their lives. It offers functional life and other skills development as a tool for overall improvement.